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Benefit Solutions

We understand that as a business owner you will face daily struggles and challenges. Between the rising health care costs, health care reform, and a competitive marketplace, it's challenging to keep up with it all.  BLS can offer benefit solutions that will meet the needs of your employees and your business. 


We offer a bundled HR product that features streamlined self-service, a broad selection of Big Four caliber benefits and direct access to HR guidance from a four-tiered team of HR professionals. This allows you to focus on what's important -- attracting and retaining top-quality talent, finding and serving new clients, and continually guarding the bottom line against needless expenditures.

Learn how this full suite of benefits can help you attract and retain quality employees


Medical  ~ Dental ~ Vision ~ Health Care ~ Life Insurance ~ Short and Long Term Disability ~ Executive Disability ~ Retirement ~ Wellness Programs ~  Employee Assistance Programs ~ Voluntary Benefits and Services ~  Supplemental Insurance Plans ~ Educational Assistance Programs ~ Pre-Tax  Commuter Benefits ~ Colleague Recognition ~ Employee Perks

HR Team

  • Human Capital Director (point of contact for senior executives offering strategic guidance)     
  • Human Capital Consultant (contact for a wide range of HR issues, including HR policies and sensitive employee matters)
  • Account Services Consultant (manages payroll, benefits, tax, and more)
  • Employee Solution Center (staffed by HR professionals to answer employees' HR questions)

Expert handling of HR administration providing freedom to focus on the business

Payroll processing ~  Payroll tax filing and reporting ~ New hire orientation ~ Employee record maintenance ~ Employee inquiries and changes ~ Employee handbook ~  Best employment practices consulting ~ Employment Practices Liability  Insurance (EPLI) ~ Workers' compensation claims ~ Leave of absence  administration ~ COBRA administrations ~ Unemployment claims


Cloud Platform (A secure environment making HR administration simple)

  • Online self-service, analytics and reporting tools for both managers and employees
  • Efficient enterprise-level platform, fully integrated and managed, so you don't have to purchase or maintain your own
  • A mobile app for quick and simple access to the essentials while on the go

Supplemental Insurance

Build a stronger business - and a better workforce - with Voluntary Insurance

As a business owner, you're committed to making careful, smart choices to keep your business growing and your employees happy. 


But did you know that strong benefits can help you achieve both? Voluntary insurance is a simple, affordable way to help your employees protect their financial security in the event of a serious accident or illness.

Traditional health insurance pays doctors and hospitals, while voluntary insurance  pays benefits directly to employees,* no matter what other insurance they have in place.

If they're sick or hurt, it can be used in any way they see fit -- whether that's for leftover medical expenses or other bills threatening their financial security. It's their money to use their way.

As the health care industry continues to evolve and businesses strive to retain valuable employees while maintaining the bottom line, voluntary benefits will play an ever-increasing role in protecting workers in times of need.

To sum up, voluntary insurance:

  • Strengthens employers' overall benefits packages.
  • Helps provide employees with financial peace of mind with cash benefits to pay out-of-pocket medical expenses and other bills.
  • Improves employees' focus, productivity and job satisfaction by helping reduce financial stress and anxiety.

*Unless otherwise assigned


Voluntary Insurance is more relevant now than ever before!

Changes to the health care landscape --including healthcare reform and rising medical costs -- make voluntary insurance more viable than ever. For employers it's a smart strategy for controlling expenses while helping employees remain financially secure, improving employee contentment, morale, productivity & retention.  There are many types of voluntary insurance, and employees  can customize their plans to meet their unique needs and financial circumstances.

Options Employers can make available to their workforce:

  • Accident Insurance -- provides cash benefits for expenses that aren't fully covered by health insurance.
  • Cancer  Insurance -- provides cash benefits* to use as they like and helps with treatment costs and expenses not covered by health insurance.
  • Hospital  Confinement Indemnity Insurance -- provides cash benefits to your employees* toward hospital costs that may not be covered.
  • Short-term  Disability Insurance -- provides benefits (i.e., monthly amount that is  a percentage of worker's gross income) for a set period of time while disabled.
  • Critical Illness Insurance -- provides help with treatment costs of a serious health event.
  • Dental  Insurance -- provides benefits for a variety of services with no networks, deductibles, or pre-certification requirements.
  • Vision  Insurance -- provides cash benefit once per year for eye exam and additional benefits for various impairments and procedures.
  • Cafeteria Plans -- reduces employees' taxable income thereby reducing employer share of FICA and FUTA taxes.
  • Life Insurance

*Unless otherwise assigned