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Market Domination Position

It is not enough in today’s environment to say you are good at something. Sadly that is what all your competitors are saying also, even if it is not true.  By defining your core values, solving your clients problems and providing social proof  will allow you to stand above all the noise as the clear choice in your industry. The challenge for most business owners is; what makes what I do better than anyone else?  It is critical that we figure this out, or re-invent the business so that it does in fact stand apart from everyone  else in your industry. 

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Let BLS Consulting Services help you to meet your desired goals and succeed in implementing your chosen vision for your company.


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Strategic Planning

One of the weaknesses of many business visionaries is converting the dream into an action plan. By setting up  strategic marketing plans, SWOT analysis, and a disaster recovery plan,  we can solve many future problems before they happen.  We take this a  step further with our proprietary marketing accelerator software to find  even more opportunities for growth as well as protections from outside influences.  

Mastering Retention

By offering uncommon quality, integrity and astounding personal relations, retention is increased. Building an astounding culture is paramount. Employees that are fulfilled and empowered lends to happy satisfied empowered customers. Empowered customers become raving fans which fuels the culture and grows new customers organically.   

5 Step Profit Formula

Increasing profitability is crucial for businesses.  By focusing on 5 critical areas we can greatly increase a company’s bottom line.  We focus on creating more leads, increasing conversion rates, more transactions, higher prices, and growing profits. Mastering these 5 items alone will transform most businesses. Once these pieces are in place we can magnify and scale systems and processes rocketing the company to new heights.

Social Presence

Modern companies must master omnipresence in the marketplace. Your clients are looking for you and they are investigating you before they have even interacted with you. Can you be found where they are looking? If you can be, are you educating them on why you exist, what your values are and  what you stand for. It is not enough to “have” a blog or a Facebook account.  You must know who you are, what causes you support and why  there is no doubt you are the company for them. We can give you the knowledge and the tools to take control of social before it takes care of you.                                               

Embracing New Technology

More and more, companies and entire industries are being disrupted by fast moving companies that embrace new technologies.  We help companies seize these new opportunities and become the disruptors and not the disrupted. Whether it is social media, digital sales funnels, or figuring out how to harness AI, we have the knowledge and strategies to help you grow.