Business Valuation

Business owners that have an accurate understanding of the value of their company are better prepared when making decisions regarding the future of their company and their eventual exit plan. 

  • Many business owners wait until they've already decided to sell before having a valuation done on their business, however it's also important to understand what their business is worth today, and what supports drive that value, even when they're not ready to sell. Business owners spend considerable time and energy trying to develop growth plans to maximize value but without knowing where to begin, it can be difficult to achieve those goals. Business valuations are a valuable tool that gives insight into  your company's overall performance and serves as a reality check for owners with a biased or uninformed viewpoint of what their business is worth.
  • The three most widely accepted methods for valuing a closely held business are the asset, income and market approach. Our market approach uses comparables of actual SBA closed transactions of businesses similar in size and in the same industry. As accredited valuation professionals, we will apply our industry experience and technical expertise to provide a complete and timely written valuation of your business. 
  • A professional business valuation can cost thousands of dollars, which few small to medium businesses can afford, however, here at BLS we understand the importance and benefit this valuable tool is for your company and offer business valuation for businesses, with gross revenues between $500,000 and $10,000,000 annually, at a considerably reduced cost to you.

Our prices vary based on the amount of annual gross revenues and the business must be a corporation. Prices are as follows: 

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At BLS we recognize our responsibility in protecting the privacy of our clients so you can be assured that your valuation will be prepared and presented with complete confidentiality. 

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