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"Offering Business Owners Creative Strategies & Solutions"

"Offering Business Owners Creative Strategies & Solutions"

"Offering Business Owners Creative Strategies & Solutions""Offering Business Owners Creative Strategies & Solutions""Offering Business Owners Creative Strategies & Solutions"

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BLS Consulting Services,  providing business consulting and exit planning in Minneapolis - St.  Paul and surrounding suburbs, can help businesses navigate through all the moving parts, as well as the daily challenges of owning and operating a business, by reducing expenses while implementing successful  systems to insure growth and success.

Our consulting services are especially effective for privately held companies, with annual revenues up to $100,000,000. The format of our service is scale-able and tailored to you. 

By providing select services as an outside business consultant, mentoring the company's ownership and top management on operational and financial matters, in particular, we can help your company remain bankable and help arrange financing as necessary.     


Our Experience

BLS  Consulting Services works with business owners on strategy, planning, problem solving, and helps company management develop business skills and knowledge.  BLS will help you to determine which techniques you could benefit from and how to apply them.  By brainstorming with the business owner, offering ideas and teaching new skills; such as how to  plan and implement various projects, we produce practical results and enhance strategic thinking, all to help you grow your business and achieve the outcomes that meet your goals.

BLS Consulting Services works directly with the business owners to provide business consulting that will improve their company's overall performance, profitability, and efficiency. 

BLS Consulting can help you to meet your desired goals and succeed in implementing your chosen vision for your company. 


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