Whether you are thinking about buying your first business or looking for another business to add to your portfolio, James Benincasa of BLS Consulting Services, representing Calhoun Companies, puts you at an advantage.  In addition to providing verified listings, he is connected to an extensive network that enables him to find the best opportunities for prospective buyers.  He knows what questions to ask, and more importantly, how to listen in order to create the perfect match.


Are you exploring the idea of entrepreneurship?  If you are weighing the benefits of buying a business over starting from scratch, here are 14 things to consider when making that determinations:

  1. Customers -- Will your business have an established customer base?
  2. Products or Services -- Has the product or service been accepted by consumers yet?
  3. Employee's -- Will you be equipped with trained and dedicated employees?
  4. Cash Flow --Will your business have a positive cash flow?
  5. Survivor -- Has your business passed through the initial 80% failure rate period?
  6. Excellent Bargains -- Are there any existing bargains to be found?
  7. Operating Procedures -- Have the standard operating procedures been developed and communicated?
  8. Governmental Reports -- Have the numerous reporting requirements been addressed and implemented?
  9. Hard Assets -- Are the hard assets required to run your business part of a package deal at no additional cost?
  10. Intangible Assets -- Will your business have any goodwill, such as public acceptance, employee efficiency, and customer loyalty?
  11. Seller Coaching -- Will you have the benefit of a previous owner able to train and coach you?
  12. Seller Financing -- Is the seller willing to finance part of the business purchase price?
  13. Bank Financing -- Are banks more willing to finance you on the merits of the business?
  14. Instant Equity -- Can you get instant net worth from your new business?


For buyers looking to purchase a business, we provide:

  • Market assessment and analysis
  • Pricing and Terms
  • Lender introductions
  • Business Planning
  • Capitalization
  • Negotiations
  • Purchase agreements
  • Closing